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Arto is a broad-minded and inspirational change leader with expertise in commercial contract management, supplier relationship management, and customer relationship management. Arto has been part of and led negotiation and contract management teams in their journey to implement the business transformations described in the contracts. He has a strong record of accomplishment in generating additional value through the implementation of effective contract management practices. Arto has certificates in contract and commercial management, as well as supplier relationship management.

Arto’s session: Enhancing sourcing’s value through integrated contract data management

Arto reflects on how contract management processes, skills, tools and understanding of data have evolved over the past two decades. Twenty years ago contract management was based on skilled individuals and at best single contract related processes and sporadic tooling. Ten years ago some standardized processes started to be used more in the portfolio of processes or within an organization still with limited tooling capabilities. Five years ago advanced systems started to be deployed to cover the entire contract lifecycle with AI and automation capabilities. But only today we are starting to understand the amount of data that is contained, connected and controlled by contracts and how this data impacts to the performance of the entire company and ecosystems.

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